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Solid rock, blasting and high performance backend

You provide the requirement, we do the heavy lifting to get it a reality

Java / Expert

C & C++ / Expert

Go / Proficient

PHP / Expert

Web Services / Expert

Linux / Advanced

SQL & Databases / Expert

Object Oriented Programing / Expert

REST Technologies / Expert

Maps API / Expert

Control Versions System / Proficient

Amazon Web Services & Clouds / Advanced


Fluid water, fast and user experience frontend

You provide the design, we make it fly as a rocket to your audience

JavaScript / Expert

HTML5 / Expert

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) / Expert

Web Quality and Compliance / Expert

User Interface (UI) / Advanced

User Experience (UX) / Advanced

WEB performance optimization / Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Proficient

jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap, etc / Advanced

Responsive & Mobile First / Expert